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Second Generation Knifemaker Frank Fischer

September 28, 2011

Text by Les Robertson

The Fischer LS2 boasts a recurve blade and “orange peeled” titanium frames. The handles are carbon fiber. The knife weighs 4.5 ounces. All stainless hardware is spun and polished.

There has been confusion on what a “Tactical” knife is since the term was coined.  A tactical knife is a marketing term utilized to separate this genre from other custom folders genres.  First there is the “look”.  The basic look is a non-Damascus non-reflective blade, titanium frames and/or bolsters and synthetic handle materials.   Next is what separates the wanna-be’s from the gonna-be’s — the “flow”.  The flow is a combination of an aggressive look combined with fit, finish and function.

It is the flow that incorporates the artistic with the mechanical/technical aspects of creating a folder.  Frank Fischer knives are a perfect example of that rare combination of look and flow.  Possibly it is in the DNA, as well-known folder maker Todd Fischer is Frank’s father.  Perhaps it is growing up around knifemaking.  More than likely it is a combination of both. 

The Frank Fischer T-Konn, a 4″ double hollow ground blade, thumb serration’s on top of blade, S30V blade steel. Titanium frame with a carbon fiber scale inlay, flipper opener, orange peel finish on the titanium frame, stylized titanium pocket clip for tip down carry (notice there are no visible screws in the clip).

The first knife that caught my attention was his frame lock flipper “T-Konn”.  An aggressive looking blade, however upon closer inspection, it is the frame that really showcases Frank’s skills.  At first look, the T-Konn appears to have a front and rear bolster.  In fact, the knife does not a have a bolster, front or rear.  Frank has milled out the middle to create a open pocket (on top and bottom) that he fits in the carbon fiber,  creating a seamless joint, creating the illusion of the front and rear bolster.  This will sound odd, but perhaps the coolest mechanical aspect of the knife is his clip.  There are no visible screws.

The T-Konn comes with either a 4” or 5” blade.  Frank offers a variety of steel’s for this version, S30V, 154CM and CPM 154.  Additionally, he offers the dress version of this knife in Damascus and a choice of natural handle materials.

Frank’s favorite is Mammoth Bark Ivory, as he put it, ”Just because it is beautiful” a difficult statement to find fault with.  His dress knives are where you will find the artist in Frank really excelling.  In addition to salt bluing his Damascus to bring out a variety of colors such as gold’s, orange, reds, greens and blues, he does beautiful file work and on request can inlay precious stones.

While I appreciate the combination of beauty and function as much as the next custom knife aficionado.  My attention always returns to his tactical folders.

The next knife I had to have from Frank was his frame lock LS-2.  More straight forward than the T-Konn; but definitely with that aggressive look that I love in a tactical knife.

The T-Konn folder is available in a 4-inch and 5-inch version. The look and flow combine in this knife.

His newest knife is the Commander.  This is a liner lock, with a titanium bolster.  That double hollow ground blade with just the hint of a re-curve.  The word for this knife is “Sexy.”

Currently Frank has a delivery time of eight months and is accepting orders.  He attends the Gator Knife Show in Lakeland, Florida.  His plans are to set up at the Blade Show as well in 2011.  You can check out Frank’s knives on his website   As well you can contact him at

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