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Knifemakers in Their Own Words: Jim and Joyce Minnick

October 15, 2011

This Husband-and-Wife Team Describe a Different Style of Folder 

This Jim and Joyce Minnick knife was inspired by the movie, The Book of Eli. (Photo: PointSeven)

By Joyce Minnick

I was inspired after seeing the movie, The Book of Eli. The whole ambiance of the movie contributed to the design elements. About that same time, we found a set of dinosaur-tooth handle material we had bought in Italy the year before, and forgotten that we had it packed away; it was the perfect handle for the piece.

The knife, concept and design became one entity at that point. Jim worked on the blade design so it would flow with all the other elements. It was quite a challenge for both us. The handle material just barely fit, and could never have been replaced had it broken. Ron Skaggs was the first to see the design in our shop, and after studying the design, Skaggs told Jim that it was very rare when someone comes up with a new, original design concept in this business.

Jim and I were both thrilled, as we consider Skagg’s artistry innovative and top-of-the-line. We both enjoyed the challenge of this piece as well as the rewards of knowing that the two of us had combined our efforts in creating it. Jim likes to refer to the style as “Future Tech.”

This locking-liner folder resides in the collection of Ron Stagnari. Doug Ponzio made the Damascus. Its blade length is 3 inches with an overall length of 7 1/2 inches. The bolsters are high-carbon steel, treated by black oxide with a mirror-polished, contrasting hammering in the metal, which includes 24K gold inlays.

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