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Guard Your Valuable Knife Collection With a Liberty Safe

January 9, 2012

Story and Photos by Abe Elias

Liberty’s top-of-the-line safe model looks more like fine furniture than a safe.

Want to put an end to your anxiety, especially when you’re on vacation, wondering if some lowlife has broken into your home and stolen your prize knives? Buy a safe.

After all, knives should be protected as things of value — and they are valuable — and not just in dollars. They also have an emotional worth and are a personal expression of what you find desirable. The monetary value extends beyond the purchase price.  There is also the time and money it cost to go find them.

Therefore, if you have taken the time to collect them, it is essential to protect them. Here’s how to do it.


Finding space to store your blades can be a challenge. Over the years, I have seen everything from people hiding them around the house to placing them in safe deposit boxes.

The people at Liberty Safes ( showed me a range of safes in which any collector can confidently store their prized possessions.

Those who are into custom makers and historical pieces realize the importance of protecting their collections. Even if your homeowner’s insurance pays you for your loss, you still have to invest time and money to find those knives again.

Liberty Safes offers a number of models with various features whose prices range from $500 to $4,000.

Liberty Safe’s locking bars measure 1 ½ inches in diameter.


When buying a safe for your knives, there are a few factors to consider.

The first factor would be humidity, and the second, storage versatility. Liberty offers the option of installing interior lighting in its safes; and with that comes the ability to run electricity into the safe to an outlet system located at the bottom right corner. This provides the ability to run a dehumidifier, which will keep moisture in a humid climate from building up. Liberty does not make its safes airtight, so there is a free exchange of air that gives you greater control of the humidity level.

If the safe were airtight, the dehumidifier would eventually dry out the air; this would result in some natural handle materials distorting and cracking.

The shelving inside the safe is versatile. You can arrange the configuration for your storage needs.

When buying a safe, anticipate not only your current needs, but also allow for your growing knife collection.

In addition, before you purchase your chosen safe, make sure to check out its fire rating, as well as the warranty. Liberty has a full-service warranty that is fully transferable.


Your home safe will save you the safe deposit box fees you would be charged by a bank.

Additionally, your homeowner’s insurance will give you a break on your monthly premiums when you have a safe and some kind of home security system. In some states, there is no sales tax on safes, and it is my understanding that currently, the government is considering giving a tax break to anyone who buys a safe (so save your receipt).

If you feel strongly enough about knives to build a collection, don’t be foolish when it comes to protecting it from theft or loss.

Liberty offers lined drawers to protect your valuables.


You have 20, 30, maybe 100 knives in your collection. Collectors often overlook how quickly the value of such a collection can build. For instance, Spyderco models “Q” and “R” both bring well over what they originally cost. One of those Spyderco knives, alone, can cover over 1/5 of the cost of an economical Liberty safe model (starting at about $500).

Add any Bob Dozier, Emerson, William Henry and limited-edition runs from Spyderco, Benchmade and W.R. Case knives, and the value of a safe that will protect your knives is a bargain.

Adjustable shelving is vital, and interior lights are a functional option.



  • Humidity control
  • Not airtight
  • Versatility of the safe’s interior
  • Warranty
  • Fire rating
  • Accommodation for adding to your knife collection


Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc.
1199 West Utah Avenue
Payson, Utah 84651
Fax 801.465.2712


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