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Meet the Editor

Bruce Voyles has been collecting knives since the 1970s, a hobby that turned into a career that would see his induction into both the Cutlery Hall of Fame and the American Bladesmiths Society Hall of Fame.

As Life Member #0004 of the National Knife Collectors Association, he worked on his first knife book and knife magazine articles in 1975, while working as a newspaper reporter in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

His first edition of the Official Price Guide to Pocketknives by James F. Parker and J. Bruce Voyles was published in 1976, and sold 30,000 copies in the first printing. This was the first of eight price guides and thee pocket price guides in tandem with Parker. In 1977 Voyles turned the NKCA newsletter he had edited into the National Knife Collector Magazine, which started as a bi-monthly and was a monthly by 1981.

In 1981 Voyles left the NKCA staff and joined Jim Parker in buying Blade Magazine and forming the American Blade Collectors Association. He and Parker created and launched The Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in 1982, which is today the largest knife event in the world. Voyles managed the Blade show for 13 years.
Voyles became full owner of Blade Magazine and President of the ABCA in 1986, where he also launched “Edges” a magazine for knife collectors, and “Blade Trade” a cutlery industry trade magazine.

In 1994 Voyles sold Blade Magazine, Edges, Blade Trade, and The Blade Show to Krause Publications.  He authored a second edition to the “IBCA Price Guide to Antique Knives”, and a new book, “The IBCA Price Guide to Commemorative Knives” for the in the following year.

Upon selling his publishing company he formed “J. Bruce Voyles, Auctioneers” which is the only auction house in the world that specializes in knives.  He handles both live auctions, online auctions, catalog auctions.

He was the photographer and co-author of the Antique Bowie Knife Book, considered the standard reference for Bowie knives. He has been approved as an expert witness in Federal court, and was one of two primary witnesses in the landmark case of Taylor vs. U. S. Customs.

With the frequency increase of Knives Illustrated Magazine to nine issues per year beginning 2011, Voyles became a full-time employee of Beckett Media.

Voyles is a graduate of Georgia State University and has attended the Stanford Publishing Course at Stanford University.

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  1. Lee Cage permalink
    November 6, 2011 1:00 pm

    I lived in the Hill Country town of Blanco, in the 1970’s. A local blacksmith. fiddle-maker, and tinkerer made some knives, first for his pleasure, then began making some for local men. They became quite popular locally. I paid about $150 each for a couple of them. His name was Bill Stansbury, he stamped his knives H.C.S. on the tang. Was he heard of outside his county? I don’t think he went to any shows, and think he made up designs in his head- probably considered “crude” by current collectors. I’m curious about any info about him.

    Thanks, Lee Cage, San Antonio.

  2. toddhawk permalink
    January 24, 2012 8:43 pm

    I have a knife that has Don Hastings name inscribed on it. It also says Red River Knives, 7-74, Palestine Texas. I traded for this a few years ago. Any idea how I can find out what it is worth? Thanks.

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