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The Wilson Tactical Neck Knife Works!

October 6, 2011

A Sturdy User Design

The Wilson tactical neck knife comes with skull fob and Kydex neck sheath.

By Abe Elias

Neck knives are a hard category to pin down. If you wanted to hang a machete off your neck you can say you just got yourself a very large neck knife.

I tend to look at neck knives as something versatile it can either hang from your neck or act as a small pocket fixed blade or  be used as a small belt knife. When you decide to carry a neck knife you have to be real about what you want. If you are looking at a small carry you are looking at a blade with not enough leverage or grip to really put the boots to it, and use it safely. If you are looking at a large knife then you compromise weight and concealment. The Wilson Tactical neck knife falls into the larger size of neck knives.

Being that the Wilson Tactical Neck knife is of the large variety what you give up in weight and conceal ability you gain in grip and sturdiness. Milled out of one piece of solid D2 the Wilson tactical Model 13 has a spear point blade shape.  It is available in your choice of two coatings, olive drab or black , on a skeletal frame design.

Overall length of the Model 13 is 7 3/8” inches with a handle length of 3 7/8”inches. A handle of this size gives a solid purchase to three of the four fingers yet allows a trailing grip for the pinkie on the butt. Wilson Tactical shapes the underside of the grip to form two distinct zones. The first zone is for the index finger, a very articulated front finger groove, and the second zone rear of the index zone, meant for the remaining two fingers. I have a large hand so I find the drawback of the handle is that the front finger groove is bordered with too sharp dividing ridges.

Handle style on the Wilson Tactical is a skeletal frame with articulated front finger groove.

At 3 ¼”inches long the hollow ground spear tip blade gives you a substantial cutting edge to do chores. To aid in control of the edge the Wilson tactical neck knife has subtle gimping on the back of the spine in the thumb area. For carry, the Model 13 comes with a moulded kydex sheath. Provided with the sheath is a beaded chain, but there is no option for belt carry.

Total weight for the knife and sheath was 5 oz., not that heavy given it size.

A clear shot of the handle gives you a look at the holes used for adding purchase surface as well as the deep index finger groove.

Now when I talk about concealability, I have seen people hide whole Bowies on their person without them being visible. But the larger the knife is, the harder it is to get it to sit still or not show up under your shirt.

The Model 13 Neck Knife by Wilson Tactical is a sturdy user. I did find the agility of the blade in my hand was compromised by the heavily articulated front groove but I have large hands.

The knife works, and if you purchase one you will end up with a solid user.

Mailing Address:

Wilson Combat® & Scattergun Technologies™
2234 CR 719
Berryville, AR 72616
Order Toll Free: 1-800-955-4856
Technical Questions: 1-870-545-3635
Fax: 1-870-545-3310

Office Hours:   Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 5:30 PM CST

To adjust the height of the carry you can easily adjust the bead chin and the skull lanyard helps in quick location and acquisition of the handle.

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